Ministries of Wells of Joy


As some may already know our school is known by the name BRILLIANT SHARPENING COMMUNITY CENTRE. The school seeks to address the educational needs of the community and we currently use the church building for the school. Read More…


The clinic is not yet operational, however we make arrangements with Dr.Mendonsa on a case by case basis. We have seen several people benefit from the generosity of the Mendonsa family to the glory of God. Our long term vision is to acquire a facility for the clinic where we will start conducting free medical camps in the slum.

Prayer Center

This is one area we are currently non operational. We see this as an area we would want to develop in the future, for prayer moves mountains. God willing we would also encourage a Bible school to be included. We trust the Lord to order our steps.


We have children’s ministries, women’s ministries, outreach church ministries, men’s ministries , retreats and a discipleship program. Read More…

Mercy Lifting

This program aims at offering benevolent services to the slum people. Currently we have three families from Sinai we help. Naomi’s Village also received five children from Sinai fire tragedy, and we helped facilitate their relocation to this children’s home. Read More…