About Our Community

The Community We Serve

The slum ministry is a totally different ministry from all other ministries. Most people are encouraged by the quick returns when it comes to urban ministry. In the slum it must be a clear call from the Lord. Temptations to quit are a daily challenge. I have witnessed several pastors relocate and others quit preaching all together.

When I was growing up in the slum I never knew I was later to be called to be a minister in the same slum. My father was a prison warden in the early 70’s in the industrial G.K prison where I had a firsthand experience of the Slum life.

The life of slum is a daily experience of what poverty is its degradation and dehumanizing impact on human life. People are prisoners of their circumstances. It is purely a survival life and hence survival for the fittest is the order of the day.

The lifestyle of the slum is characterized by immorality, crime, drugs and substance abuse, caress living and alcohol. Many parents struggle to provide for their families and at the same time shelter them from the negative influence from the environment. It is important to mention that young girls are forced some to put up with immoral behavior whereby the mother receives the money to help feed the rest of the family. Others need the money because their family cannot provide for them.

Many people look at the slum people with a pointing finger but I propose these are people who need a helping hand. Few people have focus for their family. Education is not a priority for some. Most men are seen idle and drunkard. The burden of the family is left to the women. Live of promiscuity is never private neither being HIV any threat. Majority discuss openly and it a common scenario where women keep several men to help their ends meet. Some women struggle with girl children whom the husbands don’t want to educate for the culture discriminates them. These give Wells of Joy the reason of ministering in the Slum. We seek to empower women and girls for its where the future of the society is.

AT wells of Joy, we face many challenges. Some women after going out looking for means of survival are unable to come for their children on time. Some we are forced to stay overnight with them in our premise. Others when they find they have no food they just bring their children and quickly abandon them.

To minster in the slum you must have a big heart and great faith. People will steal anything including a spoon and a pair of sleepers. To survive you must stay with them and let them see you are one of them but not an outsider. When you finish a day without crying we count it a miracle.

Wells of Joy aims at developing the slum children to appoint where they will be different and appreciate life .Help them see there is life different from what they see in the slum. Slum ministry requires a holistic approach .i. e education, medical care, food, clothing etc there must be some incentives as to get people accept to pay the cost of getting developed. Due to crime many boys die young. You can spot them at special spots they call jobless centers. Some are willing to do odd jobs while others are criminals. At time one is tempted to think this is where recruits into crime are secretly conducted.

My concluding remark is this is God’s creation. They are good people. They need a helping hand not a pointing finger. The pastors need people to encourage them. The level of burnout is very high and I pray   a foundation which may have interest in looking into the life of the slum Pastors may come up soon. My motivation is the one live am able to influence not the multitude