From This Well Springs Hope

Ministering to the Lunga Lunga slums of Nairobi, Kenya

Wells of Joy Ministries International

Wells of Joy stands for World Evangelism for Liberation of Lost Souls. With Joy you will draw water from wells of salvation. Isaiah 12:3

God gave Pastor Geoffrey Mutungu a vision of the Church, people giving up and feeling disillusioned. God promised that He is coming to make His word real and practical to His people.

Man needs to be delivered both Spiritually and Physically.

Physically we use principal of Love for it is the Language the blind see, deaf hear, cripple walk, dead raise, if you love me you don’t need to tell me I will experience it for a heart answers a heart as a face answer a face in water.

Our Mission

  • See Christ glorified through His people
  • Humanize the dehumanized as we become to them what Christ wants us to be with no reservation, no regret, and no surrender for His glory
  • Offer Spiritual and humanitarian assistance as we share the love of Christ in His service

Our Community

The slum ministry is a totally different ministry from all other ministries. Most people are encouraged by the quick returns when it comes to urban ministry. In the slum it must be a clear call from the Lord. Temptations to quit are a daily challenge. I have witnessed several pastors relocate and others quit preaching all together. read more…

Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative inerrant and infallible word of God (2 peter 1:21, 2 timothy 3:16)

We believe in the 39 old testament books and 27 new testament books

We believe in the Holy trinity; the God head consisting of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. These three are ONE ( 2nd Corinthians 13:14)  read more…