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Who We Are


In the heart of the Lunga Lunga Slums in Nairobi, Kenya lies the inspirational Wells of Joy Ministry. Wells of Joy stands for World Evangelism for Liberation of Lost Souls and provides many kids living in the slums with a rare opportunity to attend school, receive food, and hear about the gospel.

These children will receive an education preparing them for the future in hopes of changing the poverty cycle in Kenya. The vision of Wells of Joy is to spread the gospel to the people of Kenya by reaching as many children as possible through Brilliant Sharpening Community Center. Wells of Joy sponsors this school and provides an opportunity for hope in the slums.

However, the school needs help with funding for textbooks, supplies, food for the children (which would likely not be provided otherwise) and other daily expenses. The poverty in this area and pronounced lack of resources has made both teaching and learning incredibly difficult. Brilliant Sharpening Community Center struggles to keep up with the needs of the children in the area. Currently, classes have 1 to 2 textbooks per subject, per classroom – that’s roughly one textbook for every forty students! Teachers end up spending valuable classroom time replicating the textbook on the blackboard so that students can tediously copy its words into their own notebooks. For visual learners, inability to see pictures and diagrams makes learning even more difficult.

It’s upsetting to know that Brilliant Sharpening Community Center students, who are more hardworking and appreciative than most, are held back by something as simple as school supplies. Out of all the things working against a child in the slums, this should not be one of them.